Do not worry!

Do not worry. Do not worry. Those three words are the easiest to say but the hardest to follow. See it's so easy to worry when things aren’t going your way; when we don't get that job, when anxiety about school gets the best of us. When life doesn't makes sense giving up on everything… Continue reading Do not worry!

Jesus loves you.

God loves you. Yes, you. He really, really, really loves you. He sent His son to die for you. The perfect love shown on the cross. We were supposed to die for our sins, but for our sake, Jesus died for us.  "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ… Continue reading Jesus loves you.



Legalism is a very powerful tool the devil has been using to put people under condemnation, and condemnation is the root of most sin especially cycle sins. Legalism can be self or people imposed . legalism puts people in bondage to be self righteous and when they fail(which is usually the case) people feel unworthy. There’s a very common type in christian circles this set of legalism that people adhere to in order to try to earn salvation, grow spiritually, or judge the outward appearance of others.

A sampling of these include praying long hours, fasting or reading prescribed daily portion of the bible. Of course these are all great practices, but they shouldn’t be done with the intent of earning some form of spiritual superiority. Legalism could manifest in believing we have greater access to God because we serve diligently in ministry or the church. Unfortunately, people begin…

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